Tono City in Iwate Prefecture is the hometown of Ambe Mitsutoshi’s parents, and is also known for his hit songs “Tono Monogatari” and “Tono Monogatari Chapter 2”.
Ambe received an offer to play the role of the feudal lord, Naoyoshi Nambu, in the popular event of the Tono Cherry Blossom Festival, “The procession to join the club of the Nanbu clan,” which has become an annual event in the city to announce the arrival of spring.
The “Nanbu clan entrance procession to Tono” recreates the day about 400 years ago when Naoyoshi, the 22nd head of the Hachinohe Nanbu clan, entered the castle with his family as the new lord of Tono.
Ambe will also perform a song at the ceremony for a short time.
Because he is also the “ambassador of Tono folklore”.
Please visit Tono on the first day of May holidays. Kurano-mae Square 10:50~

2023年4月29日(土) 遠野さくら祭り
10:50 ~ 11:05 あんべ光俊スペシャルステージ 蔵の道ひろば特設ステージ
11:25 ~ 11:30 出立式登場          蔵の道ひろば特設ステージ
11:30 ~ 12:30 南部氏遠野入部行列      市街地
12:50~13:15 入部式            南部神社